Back from San Ramon

We all made it back fron San Ramon safely.  Everyone is exhausted, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  What wonderful experiences we have all had with our second medical clinic and the building in San Ramon.  The Guatemalan people are so precious!  So are all 20 team members from Florida and  3 from Michigan. 

Families came to know Christ because of the work of Paradise Bound and because God called us to be here this week to service him.  We have so much to share when we return.   


Medical Clinics

So much to share when we get back.  Incredible experiences that are changing the lives of villagers and our own.  The sights, sounds, smells and smiles cannot be fully captured in words, especially with the limited time we have to share on this blog. We witnessed over 30 villagers accept the Gospel last night. It was overwhelming. We are blessed beyond measure to be part of the team.

When we got back to the base last night we had time for showers and then fell into bed for much needed rest.  God is good and He is at work among the 20 team members from Florida and the 3 from Michigan.  We are blessed and amazed! 

We are eating breakfast at the base this morning and will soon be traveling to the next village for a medical clinic and then will continue traveling to San Ramon where we will be building for three days. 

Pray for us, for the mission staff, for the hearts of the Guatemalan people in the villages to be open to the gospel.  Prayer is the greater work. 

PS Moms and Dads, thank you so much for all your hard work helping the students pack…everyone has had everything they need. They are having the time of the lives working for Jesus. Not one complaint amoung them. God is faithful.

Yes, we all made it safely!

Hi all-

It’s been an amazing 2 days. Our plans had to be adjusted a bit, but God’s grace was evident in His Plan as always with smooth travels into Guatemala and to the base. We held our first clinic and outreach at a small mountain village yesterday. What a blessing to be a part of this ministry and to share God’s love.

To Elisa, Mateo, and Mike: I miss you all very much. Hugs and kisses always.

Elisa, hope your performance went well can’t wait to hear about it. You’re Snoopy found a new home with the villagers we met yesterday.

Mateo, your stuffed animals were loved by all the little children in the village.

Mike, thank you for your support. I’m having a pretty joyfully tearful time. Love you. YWW

We leave for San Ramon today where we won’t have any computer access… I’d been trying for 2 days to get on this, so sorry for not messaging earlier.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Love you all!